To enable dealer excellence in servicing customer needs, service operations require complex capabilities in terms of TOOLS, PROCESSES and EQUIPMENT but the use of outdated and unstandardized approach and equipment is presenting many OEMs with the inability to deliver new capabilities demanded by their customers and market trends.

To help OEMs on this challenge, Snap-on has developed specific tools and a structured Customer Retention Coaching Program.

The industry has set the bar for change (fewer repairs, simpler maintenance services and longer service intervals). For long term survival, a new business model is needed for the dealership and addresses all these issues:

  • Improve processes and reduce lead time for service operations: Focus on process. No size increase is needed to expand dealer capacity.
  • Offer your customers convenience
  • Increase productivity while decreasing main shop congestion
  • Boost labor and parts sales

Our team of consultants & coaches are the leading experts for implementing express service in the dealership. With extensive knowledge in Coaching and background in service operations, they will implement our program and will make it successful in your dealer network. We offer a full spectrum of assistance, including:

  • Process design and development
  • Implementation
  • Technician or service advisor training
  • Management training and support
  • Follow-up process

Our Customer Retention Coaching includes: -

Express Service Program: Improve processes and reduce lead time for service operations

Consultancy and coaching: Focusing on improving customer value and behavioral change to deliver high level customer experience

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